From the boardrooms of Houston to the ski slopes of Vail, billionaire Taylor Stockwell is at the top of his game. He commands an empire, all of which could disappear in a heartbeat if a long hidden secret from his past is ever revealed. His much younger girlfirend, Samantha Leighton, who harbors a past as diabolical as Stockwell's, deals her own power plays to snare the powerful and handsome tycoon.

Two world-famous supermodels, Stockwell's daughter, Savannah, and Kimberly Courtland, who share a mutual hatred for one another, have the world at their feet. Little do they know that their lives, unknowingly intertwined, will be forever changed by secrets buried long ago by Taylor Stockwell, secrets so unspeakable, they threaten to destroy them both.

When Taylor Stockwell hosts his Winter Fantasy Ball, the rich, powerful, and famous from all over the world will converge on his Vail mansion where a serial killer has followed them all and waits to exact revenge on an unsuspecting victim.

Only Margaret Deveraux, a beautiful and mysterious woman from Stockwell's past, has the answers to the forbidden secrets. Deception, distrust and betrayal create an explosive and murderous path in her quest to reveal the hidden truth, one that threatens to bring down an empire.
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